IT and Cloud Solutions, to Suit Your Business Needs.

Our four steps to IT efficiency

  1. Easy migration.
  2. Effective management.
  3. Concise training.
  4. Cutting edge consultancy.
Is your business not getting the best possible productivity and support for Microsoft 365? Change to Consult 365 to get the most from these services and achieve your business goals.
Our IT support and consultation can help all sizes of business and teams, no matter what your needs. We specialise in Microsoft services and IT support integration in business.

Security and Protection Services

• Protect valuable data from threats and leaks.
• Encryption and endpoint protection
• Email security
• Firewalls
• Device security

Microsoft 365 Business Services

• Microsoft 365 services, support and integration
• Enterprise email services
• Personal and shared storage.
• Backups and disaster recovery.
• Internal network and communication optimisation

Consultation and Training

• Use our expertise to get the most from your IT
• Enterprise IT optimisation
• Staff training
• Complete consultancy on IT issues and decisions
• IT policy and procedure assistance

Microsoft 365 Business Services

• Enterprise Email Services
• 50 GB Storage
• Archiving
Document Storage
• Cloud based Document Storage
• Personal and Shared Storage
• Replace existing Servers or NAS Drive
Information Protection
• Encrypted Email
• Prevent Data Leaks
• Protect Company Data from Internal and External Threats
Device Management
• Security
• Update/Patch Management
• Hardware
Backup Services
• Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Cloud to Cloud Backup (Microsoft 365 and G-Suite)
• Desktop and Laptop Backup
Intranet Systems
• Share Company News and Events
• Provide Knowledge Base for Staff
• Customer Portals for Projects and Information Sharing

Managed IT Support

Security Services
• Endpoint Protection
• Email Security
• Firewalls
Remote IT Support
• Remote Support
• Remote Monitoring
• Remote Maintenance
Onsite IT Support
• Hardware Support
• Device Upgrades
• Network Configuration and Maintenance
Expanded functionality
• Helping you get the most from your IT Services
• Low code / No Code Development
• Integrations
Servers and Networks
• On Premise and Cloud Servers
• On Premise and Cloud Networks
• Wi-Fi Networks and Guest Wi-Fi
Management and Training
• Software Consultancy
• Staff Training
• IT Policies and Procedures

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